How to Germinate Seeds in Paper Towel: Beginner’s Guide

Are you looking for an alternative way to start your seeds and want to learn how to germinate seeds in paper towel? This alternative approach offers many benefits, which is why it’s long been a popular method among gardeners. Utilizing this method will allow you to create the perfect environment for seed germination. This is because this convenient method allows you to provide plenty of moisture and warmth for the seeds. You will be able to find plenty of warmth for this small bag of seeds by placing them anywhere in your house with moderate warmth, even on top of your refrigerator or on a sunny windowsill.

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What are the steps on how to germinate seeds in paper towel?

The steps on how to germinate seeds in paper towel are to gather materials, prepare the paper towel, plant the seeds, cover the seeds, place in a warm location, monitor for moisture, and observe. These steps are very simple and easy to accomplish, so you will have germinating seeds in no time! We have broken up this process into simple and manageable steps.

Gather Materials

Supplies needed for how to germinate seeds in paper towel

The materials that you will need are a sealable plastic bag or a small plastic container, paper towels, water and seeds. The materials are minimal, making this such an easy way to start seeds for everyone. Most people can find these in their house without having to make any purchases.

Prepare the Paper Towel

To prepare the paper towel, you are going to need to fold it in half or in quarters. It will depend on how large or small you want the surface area to be for the number of seeds you plan to start. You will then want to wet the paper towel under some warm water. Ring out the paper towel loosely, removing some of the excess water. You want the paper towel to be damp but you don’t need it to be overly saturated.

Plant the Seeds

Place the folded paper towel down and place seeds onto one of the sides. Allow for some spacing between the seeds. You will need the space when the seeds geminate because roots will be growing out from them. You won’t want these roots getting tangled up with another seed’s roots. Ripping the roots can cause your germinated seed to die.

Cover the Seeds

Covering the seeds during learning how to germinate seeds in paper towel

Once you place the seeds on the paper towel, you should take the other side of the paper towel and fold it over, onto the seeds. As a result, a pocket of moisture will be created all around the seed, allowing for optimal germination. You should then slide the folded paper towel into the sandwich bag or put it into the small plastic container. You should make sure to seal it to keep the moisture inside.

Put in a Warm Location

Warmth is the other important factor in how to germinate seeds in paper towel. The conveniently small size of the paper towel within a bag will allow for you to easily provide this. Any warm location will do just fine. Just make sure it does not get too hot or too cold at any point. Many people choose to put their bags on top of appliances that produce warmth. Items such as refrigerators or computers (make sure the bag will not leak) can work as excellent incubators. You may also choose to simply put the bag on a windowsill that gets a lot of warm sun throughout the day. Additionally, placing the bag on a heating mat for germination will work as well.

Monitor the Moisture

You will need to monitor the moisture within the paper towel in the bag. This process will take up to a week or two and will need proper moisture. The seeds will draw in water as they soften to germinate. In addition, the warmth may cause some of the moisture to evaporate if the bag is not sealed completely or has a hole.

Observation of the Seeds

How to germinate seeds in paper towel involves observing for roots

Most seeds will typically germinate in one to two weeks, so it’s essential to observe the progress of your seeds. Once the seeds begin to germinate, they will produce roots and a stem with two small leaves. You want to remove the seedling from the paper towel before the plant gets too big with long roots growing into the paper towel. The bigger it gets, the harder it will be to remove or disconnect from neighboring seeds that are rooting.

It should be noted, it is perfectly fine to rip off some of the paper towel if the root is growing within it and you don’t want to tear the root. Simply rip off some of the paper towel that surrounds the roots and plant it in the soil with your seedling. The paper towel will break down over time and does not pose any threat to the health of your plant!

Now that you know how to germinate seeds in paper towel, you can see how easy of a process this is! This alternative method is incredibly simple and uses minimal materials. Give it a go with your seeds this season and watch the process of germination occur right before your eyes.