Flowers that Need to be Planted in the Fall

Summer is coming to an end and the temperature outside is cooling. If you are looking for work to do in your flower bed, here are some flowers that need to be planted in the fall. You can prepare your garden to have loads of beautiful blooms the next year. Many of these will continue to bloom for many seasons but must first be planted in the cool fall weather.

Flowers that Need to be Planted in the Fall


Tulips need to be planted in the fall to bloom in the spring.

Flowering bulb plants that bloom in the early spring like tulips are best planted in the fall. This is because in order to bloom in the spring they require an extended amount of time in cool temperatures. During the winter, your tulip bulbs will undergo key biochemical processes that they need to produce their vibrant blooms. So, as the weather starts to cool and autumn arrives, it is the perfect time to plant your tulips. Just make sure to check your forecast to ensure the high summer temperatures have passed and get to gardening.


Yellow Daffodils

Daffodils are another spring time bulb like tulips. Just like tulips, these are flowers that need to be planted in the fall. During the winter, the cold temperatures will cause daffodil bulbs to go through important chemical changes similar to tulips. So, to get the perfect daffodils for your garden, autumn is the time for action. Once the soil has cooled from the high heat and the risk of a heatwave has passed, sow your daffodil bulbs and begin the wait for spring blooms.


Pink Hyacinth

These star-shaped spring blooms are wonderful to look at. They are another spring time flowering bulb that should optimally be planted in autumn once the weather has cooled. They will thrive in the cool soil and prepare themselves to bloom the following spring. The cold winter months are also necessary to for hyacinths to output such wonderful flowers. If you’re a fan of all three of these spring bulbs, you can get to work this fall planting them throughout your garden.


Crocuses are among flowers that need to be planted in the fall.

Crocuses are among the flowers that need to be planted in the fall. The soil temperatures need to drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit before you should consider putting crocus bulbs in the ground. They will need time in the cool autumn and cold winter soil to develop their root systems. Crocuses require a cold winter in order to bloom in the early spring. In fact, they can only be grown in zones 3-8 and will not survive in warmer areas. If you want these later winter miracle blooms in your garden or yard, fall time is when you must get put them into the soil.


Pink Rose Bush

if you are looking to plant rose bulbs to start your very own rose bushes, it is best to do so in cooler weather. This means doing so in the spring or fall. Rose bushes will struggle to establish their roots in the heat of the summer. In warmer climates in particular, it is best to plant them in autumn after the worst of the summer heat is behind you. This will allow the bulbs to establish a vigorous root system. Just make sure that you plant them at least six weeks before the risk of frost occurs. Roses must finish rooting before they go dormant for the winter.


Pink Peony Blooms

Peonies are often referred to as thorn-less roses and just like roses, their bulbs need time in cool soil to create a healthy root system. Therefore, these are flowers that need to be planted in the fall or spring. The intense heat of the summer can stress the roots of this plant when it is still growing its roots. Planting after the summer has passed is the perfect way to avoid this risk. Just make sure that you get them planted six weeks before the ground is at risk of freezing. You want them to be fully acclimated to their new home before a long winter nap.


Blue Hydrangea Blooms

This flowering bush is similar to roses and peonies. The difference is that this plant is started through propagation instead of a bulb. However, it also needs time in cool soil to develop its root system and will struggle if planted in hot summer weather. The spring and fall are the best time to plant a transplanted hydrangea bush to avoid the scorching heat of midsummer. The fall is the perfect time to plant store bought hydrangeas for blooms next season or two divide up your own larger plants. Give them at least six weeks before the first frost to get settled in. Next spring your hydrangeas will be giving you gorgeous flowers.


Pink Astilbe Blooms

Last but not least to be discussed among the flowers that need to be planted in the fall is astilbe. A newly acquired astilbe plant will quickly establish itself in your garden, or if you already have one it can be propagated very easily. However, this fast growing plant does require cooler temperatures when it is first planted. Hot temperatures will put too much stress on the plant and cause it to dry out if it has not established a solid root system yet. For that reason, you must plant astilbe in the spring or fall. Fall is a great time to divide your existing plants after a full season of growing and give the new transplants time to get comfortable before winter arrives. Like most of the plants mentioned, do this six weeks before frost may arrive.