Best Flowers For a First Date: Romantic Gestures

Are you looking for the best flowers for a first date to leave your date speechless? This is your opportunity to make flower choices that melt your date’s heart with your charm. A hand-picked bouquet of flowers can leave the other person feeling even closer to you if done thoughtfully. In this article, we will go over the best flower choices and why they may be perfect for this occasion.

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What Are the Best Flowers for a First Date?

The absolute best flowers for a first date include roses, carnations, daisies, tulips, sunflowers, peonies, and orchids. These flowers will allow you to make a thoughtful and long lasting impression. Picking the right flowers will allow you to set a romantic tone to the rest of the date.


Roses are a classic and timeless flower to give on a date, being one of the most popular flowers to gift. These flowers are notorious for symbolizing romance, love, and passion. This is an excellent choice if you want to signal to someone that you really care about them and are interested in pursuing them romantically. Roses are a great choice for a first date because, due to their popularity, they are unlikely to overwhelm the recipient.


Tulips are some of the best flowers for a first date, as they symbolize new beginnings and perfect love, as well as the joy of springtime when these flowers first bloom. A flower that represents a new start is very fitting for a first date. The vibrant colors and unique shape of tulips are very visually appealing to many. These flowers give a stylish impression due to the fact that they are elegant, slender, and come in many colors. Selecting tulips as your gift will show that you have unique taste. These flowers are also less formal than roses, which may seem less intimidating to give or receive.


Daisies are a joyful flower to give on a date due to their unique and charming look. Their vibrant colors give off a very approachable and relaxed feel, while often being associated with youth and having a free spirit. This makes them one of the best flowers for a first date to make a friendly and casual atmosphere. This flower symbolizes new beginnings, purity, and happiness. These flowers convey the message of wanting to have a good time together, while also wanting to start a new relationship with each other.


Carnations are a common choice for first dates because of their immense beauty and the fact that they last for a long time after being cut. This allows your date to be able to keep this flower for longer after the date is over, which will make them think of you. This can leave a long-lasting impression on your love interest. These flowers generally represent love, fascination, and caring, which will express your attraction to your date. This is an excellent flower to let the person know that you care without overwhelming them with too much romance right off the bat.

For added meaning, make sure you choose a good color for your carnations, as they come in a wide variety of colors. Carnations are also available throughout the entire year for affordable prices! This flower will add a sense of class and sophistication, showing off your amazing tastes.


Sunflowers are a different and unique type of flower to give since they aren’t seen quite as much as the others. This flower adds a joyful and positive energy to the date, making for a comfortable and happy beginning to the occasion. Sunflowers symbolize loyalty, warmth, and admiration, which is sure to make your date smile and feel positive toward you. These flowers have a sunny and happy appearance that can’t help but radiate joy. This makes them a great gift if you want to convey that you care and want the other person to have fun. Sunflowers are an excellent choice for keeping the date casual and filled with happiness.

The colors of these flowers are often different than others, which makes them special. The three colors that are commonly seen are yellow, orange, and red. Yellow tends to signify a happy and lighthearted energy. Orange symbolizes excitement and anticipation. Red represents passion and strong emotions. No matter the color, this flower choice will add joy and make for a memorable experience for the other person.


Peonies are among the most beautiful flowers for a first date. They appear strikingly similar to roses, which is why they are often called thorn-less roses. Peonies are known for their beauty, sophistication, and gentleness. Peonies will be sure to impress your date with the sheer beauty of the voluminous petals and beautiful colors offered. This flower tends to represent good luck and a happy life, which can indicate to your date that you have good intentions for your potential relationship. Peonies have a wonderful smell that your date is sure to enjoy during your date and after.

Peonies may be harder to find than others on this list. They bloom for a very short period of time during spring. These flowers are considered one of the more difficult flowers to find for bouquets. Though, if you do find this flower near you, your date is sure to appreciate the extremely thoughtful gift.


Lilies are another great choice for a first date because they are visually captivating and beautiful. This flower is very different in appearance than others, making it hard to stop looking at. The flower represents new beginnings and innocence, which can carry a lot of meaning for your first date. It will show your date that you have good taste in flowers and a genuine interest in them. This flower also smells amazing, adding a bit of romance to their senses that will make the date even more memorable. Lilies are flowers that can be used for both a casual date or a more romantic occasion.

Lilies last a long time in vases, allowing for your date to think of you for a while after the date ends. You will be able to find this flower easily available for purchase. This flower is also an excellent choice to pair with other beautiful flowers.


Giving your date orchids will be sure to impress them, as this is an exotic flower that looks just as gorgeous as it sounds. The unique style of petals gives this flower a captivating and charming look that will leave your date feeling special. This flower is often used to represent beauty, luxury, and sophistication, as well as the desire to have your connection to one another blossom. With this flower, your date will be sure to see your intentions of making the occasion special. This flower is also notorious for how long its blooms last, lasting for a week if cared for properly after being cut. Due to how long they last, they can symbolize the strong and lasting connection of your relationship.

Though orchids are exotic flowers, they are no longer rare and only bought by the wealthy. Nowadays, orchids are one of the most common flowers that you will see in weddings and bouquets. They are easily found and available to be bought. With so much meaning and availability, orchids are one of the best flowers for a first date.

Which Color to Choose

The color of each flower can represent a lot of added meaning and thoughtfulness, beyond the general symbolism. You should align the flower with an appropriate color that fits what you wish to achieve with your gift to your date. You should also take into consideration your date’s favorite colors and flowers when you make your choices. This will show an attention to detail and a desire to learn about them. Some of the most common colors and their meanings are:

Red Flowers: The color red in flowers often is used to show love and affection. This color is often used to show the most intense of emotions to your partner. Use this color if you want to show the utmost passion and desire.

White Flowers: White flowers are often used to represent innocence, purity. This flower color is excellent if you want to show that your feelings are pure and you have good intentions with the other person. White flowers may also be used to show sympathy.

Yellow Flowers: The color yellow for flowers is often used to represent positivity, happiness, and lightheartedness. This is a great color if you don’t want to be too serious with your emotions yet. Yellow flowers are a great way to lift someone’s mood and let them know you are thinking of them.

Pink Flowers: Pink flowers usually indicate admiration, affection, love, femininity, and sweetness. This is a great color to choose if you want to show your passion, love, and gratitude toward a person. Pink is a great flower to represent innocent and new love. This is often one of the favorite colors of many people!